Patients can either pay as they go, or can join one of our popular payment schemes. Our schemes provide you with a convenient way to budget for your dental care by paying a set amount each month.

DPAS Essentials Plan

For just £14.20 per month you will receive two check-ups, any necessary X-rays and two hygiene appointments each year. Any restorative care such as bridges, dentures, fillings and crowns are paid for at independent/private fee rates, less a 10% discount.

DPAS Care Plan

Offers more comprehensive cover than the essentials scheme. A regular monthly payment covers not only the cost of routine and preventive care such as examinations, X-rays, fillings and hygiene visits, but also root fillings, gum treatment and major restorative work such as crowns, bridges and dentures when necessary. It also includes accident trauma cover and 24 hour worldwide emergency cover. From a little as £14.87 per month

DPAS Children’s Plan

Provides the same cover as the essentials for only £6.04 per month
All plans also include accident trauma cover and 24 hour worldwide emergency cover

0% finance is available for treatments over £495 over a 12 month period.

Fee guide 2018


Initial examination
Routine examination
Emergency examination, excluding treatment
Radiographs small
Radiographs DPT
Implant assessment


Hygiene 20min
Hygiene 30min
Fissure sealant


Silver fillings from
White fillings from

Root canal treatment


Gold crown from
Porcelain bonded to metal crown from
Pressed ceramic crown from
Metal post from
Clear/white post from
Inlay/Onlay from
Gold Inlay/Onlay from
Veneers from


Conventional per unit
Pressed ceramic per unit
Adhesive bridge per unit

Oral Surgery

Child extraction from
Adult extraction from
Surgical extraction from5
Periodontal surgery


Full/ Full from

Full upper or lower from
Partial from


Partial from

Teeth Whitening

Upper and lower
Upper Or lower


Implant assessment
Implant placement
Implant tooth/crown
Bone grafting from
Implants to retain denture from

Splint therapy and occlusion

Occlusal assessment
Full occlusal analysis
NTI splint
NTI in surgery
Flat plane splint


Upper removal appliance from
Fixed appliances
Snap-on Smile

Sports mouthguard
Signing legal documents i.e.; passports
Out of hours call out fee
Copy of clinical notes

Facial Aesthetics

Complete Botox® Minimum 3 areas.
Botox® Double area treatment
Botox® Single area treatment (e.g. Botox® eye treatment)

Juvéderm from

Dermaroller for 2 treatments


free, excluding xrays
























£995 per arch




POA (subject to consultation)