What our clients say about us

“Friendly, professional staff. From the smile on entering I was put at ease and all treatment was explained. I was a nervous patient, but the calm atmosphere helped enormously that I am now happy to go every six months for my check ups and hygiene visit. I have recommended the practice to my all my friends”

Dental Hygiene

Our highly qualified dental hygienist will provide you with top-quality oral care, which is a vital component in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

We use the latest equipment to clean and polish your teeth while keeping your gums disease-free. We believe that dental hygiene is vital when preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Oral Care Treatments

At Townley House Dental Practice, our dental hygienist provides you with essential gingival health care. For intensive cleaning sessions, we use an ultrasonic scaler and polishing system. This removes tartar and plaque build-ups as well as staining, providing a clean environment for your teeth and stopping gum disease.

The prevention of gum disease and tooth decay is important as they are the main causes of tooth loss. By paying due care and attention to oral hygiene, you not only defend yourself against tooth decay and gum disease, it also helps to keep your breath fresh.

To ensure comfort during our procedures, we use Oraqix® to give you effective needle-free anesthesia for scaling and/or root planing procedures. Oraqix® is FDA approved and can be applied to one or several periodontal pockets. It benefits from a 30-second onset and can be reapplied if needed up to a maximum of five cartridges.

To treat moderate to chronic adult periodontal disease, we use Dentomycin periodontal gel. When combined with scaling and root planing techniques, Dentomycin can reduce pocket depths by up to 42% over 12 weeks of use. Applied to the pocket base with an easy-to-use pre-filled applicator, Dentomycin combats residual plaque and calculus in deep, irregular pockets as well as molar furcations.